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We always had dogs, Dost (Airedale), Sultan (Danua), Puck (Basset hound) and our cat Murvet… As the people who are used to the breathing of one or more dogs in the house and those who enjoyed this would recognized the accompaniment of a dog in your life becomes indispensable after a while. After our latest dog Dost died sardonically, we lived a period without a dog. There was something very special coincided this period; our beloved daughter Defne was born… It was important that our daughter would grow missing a dog and further our living without a dog would not be possible. All right, which type of dog? We started with too many questions in our brains.  First and foremost, I should tell you that I am quite familiar with the dogs, their breeds and characteristics ever since childhood like sort of madness …
It is five years since we met the Black Russian Terrier. Initially, I have been acquainted with acquired this breed that was not present in Turkey through the internet pages providing its pictures and the information about the breed. The long researching in the internet environment brought in new information each day regarding this breed, as consequence of all this researching… During this course, very nice and reliable friendships were established with the best breeders and devoted dog owners within the Black Russian Terrier world. Thus, the Dog Competitions period of our life has also started allowing us face-to-face discussions and meetings with our breeder and dog owner internet friends and still ongoing with great pleasure. We believe that for the time being we are possibly the first dog owners taking part in international competitions from Turkey. Thanks to those friendships, firstly Pia (Olympia is Zolotogo Grada) has joined among us as the First Black Russian Terrier coming from Turkey with Turkish owners.
The period that started with the beauty brought in our home by Pia carried us up to the process of correct introduction and right breeding of the Black Russian Terrier in Turkey. This is not a job, but a hobby requiring high standards. It is a hobby that you will attach importance and spend time more than your business. In our belief, we trying to provide a correct example of this “Hobby” in Turkey; we also believe that we took responsibility for Turkey, within this context.
Having this achievement, our intention is not breeding and selling them. Nevertheless, this is impossible to become a business for returns in economical significance with our approach and the considered importance of the quality level. We are forming our breeding targeting the best within the standards of the breed for our dogs that we enjoy owning and their companionship.
We are breeding our blood-matched dogs that also deserved ‘Perfect’ from the international FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) raters in the Serious and Important Competitions besides ours, that have the complete characteristics of their breed, that have the valid health tests which are extremely important for the next generations in particular without forgetting that the breed is a task dog…
And we are breeding for sharing our pleasure with the new owners of each puppy, identically. All of our dogs are members of our house and all the deliveries are taking place inside the house. So, the puppies complete their most important developments for their lives in terms of their character and physical developments in an appropriate environment as they will be experiencing for the rest of their lives.
The Black Russian Terrier breed is not a vast world, as a consequence of the breed being new, the people who set their hearts to this job and who do their jobs perfectly know each other. We are also in continuous cooperation with the best of this world through our established reliable friendships and connections.
We love all the animals (pets), dogs and Black Russian Terriers.
We are always doing the best for them with the responsibility of our love.

Özlem Pia and Vera

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