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Siyah Rus Teriyesi - Black Russian Terrier – Tchiorny Terrier- Cheirny Terrier –
Terrier Noir Russe - Schwarzer Russischer Terrier -
Black Russian Terrier - Turkey
“Black Russian Turkey”



This site was prepared for the people who wish to be acquainted with most-recently recognized the Black Russian Terrier. The Black Russian Terrier affects the new people who have just met with it, through its charming and robust appearance, warmly behavior, intelligence and authoritative attitude making itself accepted among people.

If you wish to have a real friend with everlasting loyalty and devotion, a faithful guard, a noble accompaniment dog and a permanent black angel, you must meet with the Black Russian Terrier.



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Bu sene Budapeşte de yapılacak olan EuroDogShow2008 'e  Kennel olarak 2 Köpeğimizle Katılıyoruz.

"House Kazak Olympia" ve "Vizantiya Yaplunevyi Tsvit"

Showdan izlenim, haber ve resimleri Budapeşte dönüşü sitemizden takip edebilirsiniz.


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